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01 December 2004 @ 11:03 am
Rhys Profile  
This is just for 12_developments. So if you see this, I apologize heavily in advance. x_X;

Name Translation: Enthusiasm
Alias: Xerrons [Sorren anagrammed with an 'x']
Nicknames: none that he knows of
Age: 15
Hair: Chestnut brown (slightly spiky)
Eyes: Green
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: unknown
Date of Birth: January 12
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Likes: sea-salt ice cream, hanging out with his friends [Heron, Phoebe], Struggles,
Dislikes: his part-time job, heavy metal music
Favorite Food: sea-salt ice cream, bhelpuri
Least Favorite Food: Pretzel dogs
Has Trouble With: Not seeing how his father could be alive
Outfit: this
[The outfit also serves as a reference for the Sea Melody Guardblade]

Personality: From a first glance, Rhys appears to be your average teenager in Twilight Town. He seems to smile and laugh like every other kid.

Too bad that first glances don't tell the real story. Rhys, in all reality, is just about as happy as his father was as a child. The boy is often lost in his thoughts more often than not, and seems a little more pessimistic than others.

Despite his 'emo-ness', as his friend Phoebe would call it, Rhys is a genuine, caring person. He treats his friends' siblings as his own, even going to the point where he'll do almost anything for them. The boy tends to get himself into arguments, however, concerning his father - he's the only one who believes that Roxas is actually dead.

History: Born the eldest child to Roxas and Olette, Rhys lived a fairly normal life in Twilight Town. He had friends, Heron, Phoebe, and Nory, who he hung out with often during school and the school breaks. They did practically everything together, from part-time jobs to homework and school projects - in short, they were his extended family.

Tragedy struck the family when Rhys was nine, and his sister Ria was six. His father went off to a place called the World Never Was, and never came back. Days... weeks... months passed, and no sight of his father. Rhys, unlike his mother and sister, took this to mean that his father had died.

He began dying his hair brown (he was a blond, like his father) in order to start distancing himself from his father. That, however, was half of the reason: he wanted to appease the tears that came from his mother's eyes every time he walked into the room.

Though, life did fall into a somewhat normal pattern afterwards. His friends' fathers adopted him as their second son, and his friends were still there.

When he was fifteen, monsters called Nobodies attacked his town. In the midst of defending his friends in front of the old mansion, he gained the Guardblade. He went inside the mansion, meeting a mysterious man in black. The man protected him from an incoming onslaught, telling him to take the gummi ship and head to a place called 'Radiant Garden'.

Rhys followed his advice, heading to Radiant Garden, where he met the other members of his party: Shikari, a magic-user and the bearer of the Wandblade, and Max, another shield user who was Goofy's son. They traveled together for a mixed myraid of reasons. Ari wanted to find her best friend, Max was supposed to protect the two (and he wanted to find his missing girlfriend), and Rhys was in search of the man in black he had left behind.

Attack/Magic Info:
Weapon: Guardblade [Rhys carries a powerful shield for a weapon that constantly changes form, similar to the keyblade. Unlike the Keyblade, however, the Guardblade can be used on his arms or as a throwing weapon, depending on its form.]

Current Sphere-Gem: Island Emerald [reference is here] [note: this keychain means that Rhys has the shield on both arms]

Other Sphere-Gems:

Sea Melody: Acquired from Atlantica (Melody) [one shield on his left arm]

Thirteen Wing: Acquired from World that Never Was (Roxas)

Strong Attribute: Defense, Focus [Rhys takes the frontlines, but as someone who enables the magic casters to get the job done]


+ Defense Plus: Because of his guardblade, Rhys's powers of defense are increased. Thus, normal attacks don't take their normal toll on him.

+ Hyper Healing: Rhys's spheres are automatically equipped with some sort of healing power. Thus, he heals from his wounds faster than normal melee fighters.


+ Guardian: Rhys literally thrusts his body in front of the party, allowing the Guardblade to turn into a giant shield defending his allies and himself from almost any attack.

+ Force Field: Using his magic, Rhys creates a colored sphere [the color depends on his mood or his current sphere-gem] around his body. This shields him from almost all attacks, effectively bouncing it back at the foe.
Sage of Windssagesoren on January 18th, 2011 08:28 pm (UTC)
Semi-Random Passerby Comment
I'm not sure if you know this, but the names Soren and Rhys are both in the game Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance as two of your original units for battle.

I thought that was neat and that you might like to know. |D
Zi: smug smileregalblaze on January 19th, 2011 02:03 am (UTC)
Re: Semi-Random Passerby Comment
I knew of Soren - it's admittedly where I got the name - but not Rhys! XD That is a very nifty coincidence. Thanks for letting me know.
Sage of Winds: Fire Emblemsagesoren on January 20th, 2011 01:14 am (UTC)
Re: Semi-Random Passerby Comment
Lulz, that particular Soren is where this username comes from, too.

Oh, and also, the Rhys in question also happens to be a healing unit, which I notice is something he has in common with yours.
Zi: pleasantly cheerfulregalblaze on January 20th, 2011 02:26 am (UTC)
Re: Semi-Random Passerby Comment
...... XDDD

Okay wow. I need to stop raiding the brains of Fire Emblem people because that isn't the first time that's happened. (I also have a red-haired teenager named Roy who fights with a rapier. When I found out that it was also from Fire Emblem, I named his kid Eliwood. Poetic justice get!)