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10 May 2004 @ 01:41 pm
RP Journals  
NB: I no longer RP on Livejournal. If you wish to play out something with me, please send me a PM and we can hash something out. :) If you want to use one of the journal names listed here, also send me a line.

I just want people to recognize that for the most part, this list is defunct.

DC Comics
alwaysanarcher (Cissie King-Jones)
allofherheart (AU Milagro Reyes)
bratbeyond (AU Damian Wayne // Robin)
neverbatman (AU Damian Wayne // Robin)
notaluchador (Jaime Reyes // Blue Beetle)
onceaguardian (DCAU Bruce Wayne // Batman)
overimpulsive (Bart Allen // Impulse)
tactilekonesis (Conner Kent // Superboy)
tinkercat (Tom Bronson // Wildcat)
truthbreaker (AU Colin Wilkes // Haq the Truthful)

Disney (Films/TV Shows/etc)
thebetterwizard (Justin Russo)
beginsoffstage (Gabriella Montez)

Kingdom Hearts
suriyan (Olette)

Marvel Comics
spiderphile (Mary Jane Watson from SM ♥ MJ)

Original Characters
acrobatastic (Johnny Grayson)

Percy Jackson and the Olympians
poetry_hero (Apollo)

Shugo Chara!
starredjack (Kukai Souma)

Tales of
elvengenius (Genis Sage)
dancingfists (Senel Coolidge)

Teen Titans (TV Show)
girl_on_patrol (Genderbent Dick Grayson/Robin I)
nihonphile (Genderbent Control Freak)
quickerthanyou (Wally West/Kid Flash)

affidamento (Seth Clearwater)

** If you want a username from this list, talk to me and we can arrange something.
deuxblade (Daisuke Hoshizen) | OC
leadershirley (Shirley Fennes) | Tales Of
lordly_kyr (Kyr Shirogane) | OC
lovesgreece (Genderbent Donna Troy/Wonder Girl) | Teen Titans
raindropsmash (Kierren) | OC
rainbowjudgment (Mithos Yggdrasil) | Tales Of
singsnonsense (Mao) | Tales Of
turnaboutmentor (Mia Fey) | Ace Attorney
twilightsmile (Olette) | Kingdom Hearts
twinsavior (Asch fon Fabre) | Tales of
thirteenthday (Roxas) | Kingdom Hearts
wandblade (Shikari) | OC